Locks Galore  offers Abus dial combination padlocks with key override function for school lockers.   

The combination padlocks feature a traditional dial-style padlock with blue or black dial and are suitable for applications such as securing school lockers. These padlocks are set to Abus override key 501.  

Locks Galore is a leading dealer of padlocks for school lockers.  

This new range of anti-shim combination padlocks has been specifically designed to prevent locker break-ins by shimming the padlock shackle.  

The combination padlocks feature a hardened steel shackle with a patented anti-shim feature.  

Key features of Abus school locker padlocks:

  • Factory-set 3-digit code
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Patented anti-shim feature
  • Die-cast body with galvanised and chromatised locking mechanism
  • Scramble function
  • Abus override key 501 (controlled)
  • 6-digit identification code stamped on the back (controlled)

Abus dial combination padlocks are available from the Locks Galore webshop in blue or black dial face options.