Graffiti is a common problem in urban areas across the world. In Australia alone, graffiti and other acts of vandalism cost the community an estimated $2.7 billion per year, according to the Keep Australia Beautiful association.

Given the financial costs of repairing defaced property, many businesses and councils in Australia are working on solutions to prevent the occurrence of vandalism – deterring vandals is a more effective use of money and resources than cleaning up afterwards. One effective way to achieve this is by using a perforated or expanded metal facade for architectural projects in public spaces.

Unappealing canvas for graffiti

The Victorian Government recommends the application of anti-graffiti coatings to walls to make them easier to clean as well as less appealing to graffiti. Locker Group recommends anti-graffiti walls as the ultimate solution to deter vandals.

For instance, a non-solid facade created out of perforated or expanded metal presents vandals with a surface that is more difficult to paint on, and also makes the resulting graffiti harder to see. A perforated surface presents an unappealing canvas for the vandal, preventing graffiti.

Locker Group’s Pic-Perf technique goes a step further in deterring graffiti. Described as a unique method of recreating images and designs with perforated metal, Pic-Perf can be used to create an image without paint or coatings by varying the size and placement of the perforations. Being a perforated surface, the facade will no longer hold any attraction for vandals.

While using Pic-Perf for designs and murals eases the process of cleaning off graffiti, an illustrated facade may help to reduce graffiti in the first place.

Public art discourages graffiti

Studies have found that walls with murals or public art are targeted less for graffiti than plain walls. The Project for Public Spaces in the United States also recommends murals as a way of discouraging graffiti, especially when local artists and the community are involved in the project. An illustrated facade is a less-than-ideal surface for vandals to display their graffiti; more than that, locals are less likely to deface a piece of art they connect with, reducing the risk of graffiti.

A design rendered in Pic-Perf not only creates an attractive facade but also reduces its risk as a target of graffiti. 

While facades with artwork may still not completely prevent graffiti, using the durable Pic-Perf material will at least provide a surface that can be easily cleaned with solvents or water blasting without risking damage or running up expensive bills.

Locker Group provides a range of architectural products that can be incorporated into public works. These products provide aesthetic and functional benefits to the building, and also play a key role in making spaces safer, cleaner and less prone to vandalism.