One of Sydney’s most visually distinctive open spaces, Sydney Park stands out for its post-industrial brick kilns towering over the north-western corner and recently revitalised wetland areas.

In 2014, the City of Sydney metropolitan council launched an ongoing park management programme, which also included redevelopment of the area. For the redevelopment, the council underlined the need to communicate the cultural heritage of the area, increase public amenities and incorporate architectural designs that honoured the area's industrial history.

What better way to embrace the industrial history of the Sydney Park area than with art installations and innovative architectural structures that blend visual appeal with a durable industrial edge?

Locker Group offers a range of architectural products that combine a striking appeal with a history of use in integrating green spaces into an urban environment.

Perforated metal

One of Locker Group’s most popular products, perforated metal helps create striking architectural structures with the perforations adapted to the client’s specifications. Perforated metal structures allow for water run-off, preventing rusting, and the sheets come in a variety of surface treatment options to minimise natural wear-and-tear. Available in a choice of metal substrates, they add a rugged industrial edge to sun-shading canopies or art installations.

Hi Light louvres

Hi Light louvres are colourful products ideal for sun-shading and perfect for public parks where visitors can stroll in the sunshine. Along with treatments designed to reflect glare and prevent sun damage, Hi Light louvres can be supplied in a range of bright and bold colours that truly make the park space stand out. The aluminium grating is also perfect for screening private spaces and parking areas from view.

Expanded metal mesh

Locker Group’s expanded metal mesh is truly multifunctional with the metal mesh fabric customisable to the client’s needs. The metal mesh can be installed to provide a distinct architectural look with high functionality. The mesh also provides sun-shading on hot days while still encouraging airflow. Climbers and creepers growing through the mesh perforations perfectly blend the industrial with the natural, making the architectural product perfect for Sydney Park’s historic past.

Sydney Park's rich heritage deserves distinctive architectural concepts that beautify the park for public access and embrace the area's industrial past.

Locker Group offers a range of architectural products, blending visual appeal with industrial durability.