Australia’s premier furniture destination for architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts, Living Edge Furniture has launched a new high-end furniture brand, EDITION, created by Sydney studio The One Centre.

The One Centre has not only developed EDITION’s brand positioning and identity, but is also helping launch the collection globally with a virtual online gallery and a Dada-esque art film, which introduces its manifesto, “Furniture that’s art. Art that’s furniture”.

EDITION Director Jo Mawhinney describes EDITION as not just furniture but also art. EDITION is a curated collection of contemporary furniture and design, with 30 pieces available at any given time through the gallery. The One Centre used their knowledge of luxury trends to create a high-end art and design brand with global appeal.

Katie Molloy, General Manager of The One Centre, says: “EDITION creations are bold and rebellious, creating an art brand unlike any other in the world. Strategically, we are positioning EDITION pieces as art, their creators as artists, and their buyers as collectors.” 

Living Edge has launched EDITION in the international market to extend the luxury brand’s popularity beyond Australia. The collection features exclusive pieces from design icons such as Salvador Dali, Zaha Hadid, Vitra and Vernon Panton, and is designed to carve out a new category for the business along with a global revenue stream.

The One Centre has also created a virtual gallery for people purchasing luxury brands online as investment pieces. Available at, the online gallery features EDITION’s most exclusive sculptural art pieces, held in collections all over the world.

The EDITION Collection includes the Leda Table, inspired by Dali, Surface Table by Zaha Hadid and NEROCACTUS by Drocco/Mello, which is included in collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Tate Modern in London. Each piece is numbered or marked to reflect its value and exclusivity.

The launch campaign includes print collateral, digital and film in addition to an experiential installation at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, where Living Edge unveiled EDITION and revealed some of the collection’s exclusive pieces.