A new electric 5th Driving Wheel for hospital beds from LINAK will aid in maneuverability of beds around the hospital, meaning less strain for porters and nurses.

Hospital beds are heavy and difficult to move, and can be time-consuming work, especially when patients are in them,

This hard work of moving heavy beds around can potentially cause injuries and sick days of porters and nurses, but with the 5th Driving Wheel, manoeuvring beds in and out of rooms, as well as moving them over long distances, will be easier. This will help create better working conditions for both nurses and porters.

By fitting the 5th Driving Wheel on a typical hospital bed, the extra motorised wheel is mounted under the bed, which is easy to control and use. It is compatible with all LINAK OpenBus control boxes.

The 5th Driving Wheel can run for at least 2km with a load of 200kg on a fully charged battery.

Making a hospital bed easier to move will result in fewer injuries and sick days, benefiting both patients and hospital staff.