LINAK Australia showcased their height adjustable DESKLINE® electric actuator solution at this year’s designEX expo at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

LINAK is a Danish company specialising in linear actuator technology. With four core products on offer, LINAK decided to showcase their DESKLINE® range to the commercial furniture industry at designEX in order to show that businesses can gain a competitive edge by providing viable solutions to any workplace.

The DESKLINE® electric actuator technology can easily be incorporated to all kinds of office desk designs.

"Communication cables are often built into the desk," says Mitchel Farrell, manager of DESKLINE® and HOMELINE® at LINAK, helping create a seamless , clean and simplistic look in the workplace.

Farrell adds that the sit and stand design is a great way to improve posture, gauge the major muscles in the body and improve general health and well being.

LINAK’s recent research suggests employees spend more than 85% of their time in the office sitting down, with common health problems being backaches and tensions. According to LINAK, creating a sit-stand workplace improves work life. Their DESKLINE® system will help relieve spinal areas and keep cardiovascular systems going.

And the flexibility does not stop there.

DESKLINE® can be customised to whatever colour scheme customers require to suit existing or new décor.

Power consumption is also quite low as LINAK’s new control boxes run on zero standby power.