LINAK Australia  presents a new system solution comprising of an actuator, foot switch and switch mode power supply for couches and medical furniture to enhance functionality, comfort and ergonomics.

Specially made for couches and various medical applications such as chairs and tables for treatment and examination, the new system solution from LINAK combines LA43 IC, an actuator with intelligent control inside, the FS3 foot switch designed together with end-users and the powerful and eco-friendly SMPS30 switch mode power supply.

Featuring an integrated control box, the LA43 IC actuator offers new design possibilities for the application with the high speed and low noise ensuring patient comfort and efficient work routines for caregivers.

The LA43 IC has three plugs for connection of SMPS30, a foot switch or a hand control and a second actuator, if needed. The LA43 IC available in an 8,000N version is supported by the family of intelligent actuators from LINAK, which also includes the LA44 IC available in a 10,000N or 12,000N version for handling obese patients.

The FS3 is a new footswitch floor model for control of one or two actuators and characterised by its aesthetic design and intuitive operation.

The SMPS30 is an eco-friendly solution with low standby power consumption. The SMPS30 transforms mains voltage, universal 100-240 VAC to low voltage DC. High safety and flexibility is ensured with exchangeable mains and output cables and universal input voltage adaptable to the worldwide market.