LINAK Australia  announces the powerful and robust LA36 TECHLINE actuators approved for work in dust explosive environments.

Grain handling facilities can now gain from accurate grain handling processes, increased safety and more profitable production with LINAK LA36 actuators.

Grain handling facilities face a number of challenges such as lack of control, low accuracy, poor workplace conditions, compromised employee safety and high operational costs caused mainly by the preference for manual operation over automated processes. Manual processes are preferred largely because of the potential for the fine dust to catch fire from an electrical device leading to explosions, and consequent injuries to workers and damage to property.

Key challenges include:

  • Lack of control of blending processes
  • Reduced accuracy due to manual operation of gates or position feedback on existing automatic control not being accurate enough
  • Poor control of applications with little or no feedback
  • Poor working conditions for employees with compact spaces, bad ergonomic installations and dusty air
  • Employee safety issues from dust explosive areas and in grain bins with the risk of engulfment and entrapment
  • High operational costs
The IECEx and ATEX approved LINAK LA36 actuators are part of a range of intelligent top quality actuator solutions approved for use in dust explosive atmospheres such as grain handling facilities.

The LA36 actuator provides grain handling facilities with a unique opportunity to automate a wide range of facility applications resulting in several benefits. Easy installation of actuator solutions, little or no maintenance, high reliability and intelligent features translate into a short payback time for the investment in grain handling automation. The LA36 is known as a robust and powerful actuator with a maximum thrust of as much as 10,000 N and a maximum speed of 160 mm/s.

Key advantages of LINAK LA36 TECHLINE actuators:

  • Better blending processes with high accuracy for profitable production due to accurate position feedback from actuator solutions on the gates
  • Better control of all grain handling applications with actuator feedback features for increased awareness and effectiveness
  • Better working conditions with physically hard labour replaced by automatic solutions
  • Increased safety with actuators replacing human presence in dust explosive areas of the facility
  • Reduced operational costs with simple automatic systems replacing manual operation