Internationally renowned architects Tzannes & Associates have designed a block of apartments in Sydney’s leafy Paddington incorporating a number of Lidco systems.

Due to its tricky location, parallel with a train line, the architects needed an efficient acoustic system and looked to Lidco’s extensive range for answers. Through the use of 10.38mm glass and spaced double glazing, the train noise was virtually eliminated. The front of the building susceptible to light traffic noise was reduced through the use of 10.38mm glass panels.

All units have been fitted out with the high performing 735 Maxiview multi stacker sliding door. The sash, which has the possibility of being strengthened, allows for the thermally efficient system to create large openings, ideal for patio and balcony areas. Although double glazing is available for this robust system, 10.38mm glass was appropriate for this project to cut out traffic and train noise pollution.

The windows are all quality 112 Lifestyle sliding windows. The 112 System uses the latest in window drainage design and incorporates durable sash seals to protect from dust and moisture entering the building.

Lidco Sunshades have been utilised on the balcony of the North facing third level which aid in minimising glare while still allowing for some natural light to enter the apartments.

All air-conditioning units have been hidden from view by the Lidco 611 Fixed Ventilation Louvre. As higher air flow ratings were required, B&W Windows were able to create an aesthetically pleasing solution to allow for more air flow.