Available from Lidco , Tracta-Screen is an effective insect screen for use with bi-fold doors, French and balcony doors, multi-panel stacking doors, sliding doors and outdoor entertainment rooms.

Because it is not a retractable roller type screen, Tracta-Screen does not have some of the inherent problems associated with tensioned roller systems. Instead it is operated by a wire tensioning system that makes the screen smooth to operate and allows users to open the screen to any position. The screen gently manoeuvres into the desired position without the need of a troublesome braking system to stop the screen fully opening with undue force.

Tracta-Screen is said to be less prone to screen blowout. The reinforced pleated mesh, combined with special mesh retention clips and sill-tracking guide keep the mesh in position. Mesh is retained at the sill with a retractable track guide that disappears when operated, leaving a virtually unimpeded pathway through the opening.

Source: Building Products News.