ACCORDING to the ninth annual HIA-Ai-Group-Reed Construction Data Construction 100 report, commercial construction by the private sector increased by 16.5 per cent to $75.8 billion. HIA’s executive director of housing and economics, Simon Tennent, says that in 2006/07, the largest 100 companies won contracts worth $55.3 billion, the highest value in the history of the report. The contracts won over 2006/07 were equal to 68 per cent of all non-residential construction work started. “The largest ten companies accounted for 55 per cent of work won by the 100 largest companies, while the largest twenty companies accounted for 71 per cent of work won,” Tennent adds. The Leighton Group, through Leighton Contractors , Thiess Contractors, John Holland, and HWE Contracting, won contracts across all areas of construction except for multi-unit housing. Abigroup was second on the list with $4.6 billion worth of work covering all construction areas except multi-unit construction and mining. BGC Construction was third on the list with $2.6 billion worth of construction spread across all sectors except for the industrial segment. For the largest companies, the fastest growing segment of the market was the civil engineering sector where the value of work won was more than 10 times larger than in 2005/06. Ai Group chief executive Heather Ridout welcomed the publication being released in conjunction with Ai Group. “This comes at a time when the construction sector as a whole has recovered to thirty year highs in terms of its share of national output and employment.”

Source: Construction Contractor