Leda-Vannaclip  designed a pop up traffic bollard for highway or road applications. In late 2008, a major roadway operator approached Leda–Vannaclip with the requirement to automate the opening and closing of an off ramp on a freeway.

The current requirement is for two people to manually position plastic bollards in holes to close the off ramp at peak times. The staff then waits for a few hours and removes the bollards. This happens twice daily and carries a significant operating cost.

Leda-Vannaclip’s designers responded with a shallow mount pop up traffic bollard as an alternative to the manual handling of the bollards. Operated pneumatically or electromechanically (low voltage), the pop up traffic bollard is the familiar white plastic strip with reflector that is commonly used on the side of roadways in many countries. The plastic strip, if damaged, is replaced without having to disassemble the product in-situ.

The system can be installed without having to penetrate beyond 200mm depth in ground. This saves installation costs and avoids having to work around other buried utilities commonly found under roadways.