The grand opening for Pitt Street Mall in Sydney took place recently and featured Slimline stainless steel and retractable bollards from Leda Security Products .

Sydney City Council, through Westfield Construction, was responsible for the project, and incorporated the popular Slimline stainless steel bollard range with the addition of matching retractable bollards. Consideration was also given to security with the bollards unobtrusively providing an increased level of security.

Two retractable bollards are located at each end of Pitt Street Mall which is an official road. While pedestrian access dominates the space during the day, many businesses need to have access for deliveries out of normal hours.

Sydney City Council controls access to the mall with their access control systems plugging straight into the bollards control board. The control equipment had unique requirements for this site due to the limited space in the mall and Leda had to design an automated bollard control panel small enough to fit in a seat.

Leda was also selected by Westfield Construction on other parts of the development and also provided ram raid bollards. Through their security partner AVS Elli, Leda also supplied and installed several boom gates controlling the parking and loading bay area’s on the site.