There are several different gutter guard systems in the market that may vary in features, level of gutter protection and maintenance requirement.

The mesh covered gutter protection system from Leafbusters, for instance, offers several benefits to the homeowner. Designed to work simply and effectively, Leafbusters’ gutter protection mesh has a low maintenance requirement, minimising the need for messy clean-ups.

Blocks leaves, twigs and other debris

The mesh cover prevents the entry of debris such as leaves, twigs and other vegetation into the drain channel. While pollen and dust may get inside, their tiny size and light weight ensure this type of debris is carried away by the flowing water without settling at the bottom of the drain channel the way leaves and sticks do, thereby, preventing blockage.

Free flow of water

The holes of Leafbusters’ gutter protection mesh are small enough to block debris but sufficiently large to allow water to flow freely through them. Water flows freely into the gutter and is carried down the channel while the debris particles remain on top – very similar to a sieve.

Smooth mesh surface

The mesh has holes but the smooth surface without protuberances cannot hold leaves and other pieces of debris. The mesh is installed at an angle in natural continuation of the roof pitch. The debris is, therefore, forced by gravity to fall down or blown off naturally.

Gutter protection design

Thanks to the mesh cover, the roof gutter retains its full capacity without any debris causing blockage, thereby, minimising the risk of rainwater overflowing. The system will continue to work effectively over time without the need for continuous cleaning or additional maintenance, ensuring your home remains well protected from potential rainwater damage.

A gutter protection system using mesh material delivers long-term benefits to the home. Just ensure a good-quality material and have it professionally installed.