As a homeowner, you carry out home improvement projects to add both convenience and value to your home. However, any home improvement project needs to meet three key considerations: effectiveness, cost efficiency and return on investment. Gutter guards earn a top score in all of these categories.

Find out how.

Gutter Guards: Rainwater Protection

The gutter protection system by Leafbusters features a specially designed mesh cover extending along the entire length and width of the gutter. The mesh allows rainwater from the roof to flow through while preventing leaves and other debris from entering the roof gutters.

The mesh cover is aligned with the roof’s slope, allowing the leaves to naturally fall to the ground. The gutter remains clear of any leaves and twigs, allowing rainwater to drain off naturally while also minimising the need for cleaning.

By preventing the roof gutters from overflowing, gutter guards help protect the structural integrity of the house against rainwater damage. All timber structures will be safe from cracks and decay, while the walls and foundations will be protected from moisture build-up, mould growth and cracks.

Thanks to the mesh-based gutter guards, the life of the roof gutter system is extended considerably – it can last even up to three times longer. By safeguarding the structure against water damage, the gutter protection system will help keep the house in perfect condition while ensuring lower maintenance and repair costs for the owner.

Gutter Guards: Pest and Fire Protection

Pests can cause structural damage to the house and are difficult and expensive to get rid of from the property. The mesh covered gutter protection system blocks the entry of pests such as termites and ants. By preventing gutter channels from overflowing, gutter guards help keep the foundations and walls free from moisture and cracks, lowering the risk of pest infestations.

The mesh cover also blocks the access of birds and possums to the gutter as well as the attic. Gutter guards, therefore, also provide effective protection to the residents from these disease-carrying pests.

Additionally, by preventing the accumulation of dry vegetation inside the gutter and on the roof, gutter guards reduce the risk of flying embers from bushfires causing a roof fire.