Layher  established in Australia is specialised in scaffolding systems. Layher’s scaffolding systems are supplied to construction, mining, infrastructural and petrochemical industries.

Layher’s range of scaffold and related products include protective systems, staging and seating, stairs, temporary roofing, mobile towers, propping and accessories. Layher scaffold components are German made and verified heavy duty loading. Layher’s Scaffolding systems are ISO 9001 certified.

Leading in scaffolding technology Layher use their research and development division for the benefit of the construction industry. With high quality and practically tested scaffolding systems together with an extensive range of services for the past 60 years Layher name has been synonymous globally.

Layher allround scaffolding has been established for modular scaffolding. With a unique technology, the allround connector has outdated earlier scaffolding connection techniques. Application areas include chemical plants, shipyards, power stations, industry and for events.

Allround scaffolding equipment provided by Layher provide flexibility for almost all kinds of requirements including architectural styles, very difficult layouts and even with heightened safety requirements. .

The allround scaffolding system is the result of a superior design. Up to eight connections can be made in the allround connector on one level and at various different angles also.