Read this useful guide from True Vision Bathrooms on how to seal the end caps on your Lauxes linear grates properly.

Sealing off the end caps on a Lauxes linear grate is essential to avoid water seepage. This is how you do it:

Firstly, set the grate in a position where you can apply polyurethane, otherwise known as Sikaflex or neutral cure silicone.

Lightly apply the product around the rim of the end of the linear grate. Push the end cap in until the product is squeezing out the side and is firmly in place.

Lauxes linear grates

Lauxes linear grates

Then with soapy water in a spray bottle, spray the grate and end cap lightly and use your finger to smooth off the silicone around the bottom and sides.

Repeat this on the other side, being careful not to knock or ruin the end cap seal you just completed.

Let the grate sit and cure for a few hours before installing.

Now your grate is sealed, watertight and ready to take on some water.