Dented and dinged corners can ruin the look of any interior design, but corner guards from Latham Australia can offer protection to corners in schools, airports, and shopping centres.

Corner guards can be fitted for protection in new or existing constructions and become a creative design element while providing excellent wall protection.
Latham has a range of corner guards to protect against dents and dings.

The Latham CG-50 and CG-75 Surface Mounted Corner Guards offer the best protection for 90 degree external corners. The high impact textured cover fits over the continuous base and the matching end caps mean corner guards can be cut to any desired length.

A PCGF-60 Flexible Corner Guard is specifically designed to accommodate varying wall/corner angles. They can be used from flat to more than 135 degrees. The PCGF corner guard system comes in two colours – hazy grey and almond beige.

Latham’s PCG-25 and PCG-50 corner guards with adhesive fix offer protection to 90 degree corners. They can be cut to any lengths, dependent on project specifications and can be fixed using Latham’s FT-13 high strength double-sided tape or in some applications the Latham Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive. The PCG system is offered in five colours – hazy grey, almond beige, violet, sapphire blue, and blue grey.

All corner guards are supplied in 3625mm lengths for site cutting to the required dimensions.