The Laminex Group  introduces a new line of low formaldehyde MDF boards in keeping with its commitment to sustainable building practices.  

Their existing range of Low Pressure Melamine (LPM) decorated E1 MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) board products is being transitioned to the even lower formaldehyde emissions rating, E0 when tested to AS/NZS 4266.16.  

While E1 represents the maximum level recommended by various authorities, E0 MDF boards have just half the formaldehyde of E1 MDF.  

With a growing demand for sustainable building practices that minimise the impact on the natural environment, The Laminex Group recognises the environmental and commercial benefits low formaldehyde MDF boards can add to the projects of architects, designers and specifiers.  

This pioneering transition from E1 to E0 low formaldehyde MDF boards adds to a select range currently offered on Super E0 and No-Added-Formaldehyde boards or NAF boards, enabling The Laminex Group to deliver a wide choice for indoor air quality in buildings.  

The Laminex Group Chief Executive, David Worley says that their position as the market leader in decorative surface solutions enhances their commitment to providing customers with innovative, environmentally preferable building products that meet and exceed Australian standards.  

The announcement is made as the company launches the new Laminex Colour Palette and Laminex Commercial Range, meaning all LPM MDF products in the range will soon be available in E0 as standard.  

This makes it even easier for architects, designers and specifiers to select quality, sustainable surfaces for a myriad of domestic and commercial applications including cabinet doors, kitchen panels, storage units, wall linings and general joinery.  

To celebrate this positive environmental move and the Laminex Colour Palette update, The Laminex Group will provide new decors ordered in MDF substrate (Lamiwood) and all decors in the Laminex Commercial Range in MDF substrate (Decorwood) on E0 substrate at the current E1 price throughout October 2010.