Laminex is relaunching Innovations, previously known as Laminext, offering innovative surfaces in a variety of textures, colours and designs including metallics, translucents, metal looks and a range of textured colours.

Two new series of imported laminates are being introduced to the collection - Lucent laminates and Kinetic laminates, each representing major design directions that Laminex sees consistently and across many markets. Lucent laminates are essentially translucent laminates, providing a sense of depth and texture. They are progressive not only for their translucent characteristics but also for the material mix, which incorporates natural fibres. and have been designed to be backlit or to have a strong source of natural light for full impact. They are also created with commercial markets and the more adventurous consumer in mind.

Kinetic Laminates are based on Illumina colours and have a ribbed finish to provide a sense of movement and energy. The metallic colour-flip pigments used in Illumina have an added dimension when combined with a textured surface that further plays with incident light to maximise this effect.

Additionally, Laminex is introducing 16 new decors, textures and finishes to its colour palette - all of the colours complement each other so any look or theme can be fully integrated. Additions to the colour palette include timbergrain, stipples, colours, granites and stone looks. Many of the colours are new and have been created in response to the rising importance of brown and the re-emergence of red as a key colour group.

Source: Building Products News.