A retirement village situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Dandenong ranges has installed an onsite stormwater detention system using rainwater tanks from Kingspan Water & Energy.

Located on Mt Dandenong Road in Kilsyth, Victoria, the DutchCare Retirement Facility comprises of 14 units. The facility hired the services of B & W Plumbing Pty Ltd to set up a reticulated stormwater system that would help detain 100,000L of stormwater run-off from the expansive roof at the facility. The stored rainwater would be used to help irrigate the large grounds at DutchCare.

B & W Plumbing required an onsite stormwater detention solution to be engineered for the purpose.

Kingspan Water (Tankworks) supplied twenty 5,000L Modline rainwater tanks with 150mm balance lines using commercial grade fittings, with all fitting locations specified by B & W Plumbing. Working closely with B & W Plumbing throughout the installation, Kingspan manufactured a tailored solution featuring two 150mm roll groove fittings (per tank) for balancing (enabling easier installation for interconnection and balancing of in-series tanks), larger inlet strainers and light guards, and 150mm overflows.

The fitting locations were designed and confirmed toward the end of the construction phase during a final site meeting between Kingspan and B & W Plumbing so that the installation of the ‘made to measure’ tanks were not only fit for purpose, but also met the onsite drainage requirements.

Testimonial by Matt, B & W Plumbing Pty Ltd

“Tankworks rainwater tanks were a highly cost-effective solution and the Tankworks team were great to work with. Collaboration was key to this project and one that just ticked over seamlessly. Bruce’s technical expertise was invaluable.”