Kingspan BioDisc wastewater treatment plants were installed at a hotel and an adjoining rental apartment complex in Yallingup to replace the existing shared facility.

The Caves House Hotel in Yallingup shared a wastewater system with the adjoining rental apartment complex; however, the system was outdated and unable to cope with the peak demands from both the hotel and the apartment complex.

The owners needed to replace the current ineffective system with a modern wastewater treatment plant to the satisfaction of the local Council and Environmental Department.

ABCO Water Systems was contracted to study the requirement onsite and determine a cost-effective solution for the shared facility. The solution was to install individual wastewater treatment systems to service the hotel and the apartment complex.

As specialist installers of wastewater treatment systems, ABCO consulted with Kingspan Water & Energy for advice on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient method of treating the wastewater onsite, separately for the two buildings.

Since the available space for installing the new system was relatively limited, the Kingspan BioDisc wastewater treatment plant was recommended for the application. Kingspan BioDisc is a compact, single tank system with a minimal footprint, allowing its installation onsite without requiring too much of the available land currently used for recreation.

Kingspan BioDisc wastewater treatment systems are recommended for hotels, restaurants, cellar doors, camping parks and similar hospitality venues that produce relatively high strength sewage with major peaks and troughs, both seasonally and throughout the day.

Kingspan BioDisc employs a unique patented flow management process that ensures a stable flow pattern through the main treatment zones, thereby, increasing the efficiency of the treatment process.

Energy efficiency, quiet operation, and odour-free service are important considerations for businesses that serve customers. The Kingspan BioDisc utilises a highly efficient direct drive motor system with class-leading low energy consumption and silent running while the simple treatment process does not employ air compressors, helping reduce the risk of odour production.