Kingspan prides itself on longevity, experience, continued innovation and unrivalled customer service. Kingspan has been manufacturing quality, long-lasting water tanks and accessories for over 80 years and today continues to be a market leader and trusted source of expert advice for rainwater harvesting, storage and wastewater solutions across the residential, commercial and rural sectors.

Kingspan is proud to have supplied and installed tanks for the historic Coal Loader Green Roof Project in Waverton. This open space area has been transformed into one of Sydney’s largest public green roof and community recreational areas. With impressive views of Sydney Harbour, it’s designed to be completely sustainable and includes community garden plots for vegetables, fruit trees and aquaculture, all irrigated by recycled storm water.

This water, collected and filtered through gardens established in the original coal loading chutes, is then stored in 50 interconnected steel water tanks in the old railway tunnels, maximising storage capacity in a tight space and providing a made to measure solution of 250,000 litres of continuous water storage capacity.

Through sustainable projects such as this, Kingspan believe we can make built environments more energy efficient, attractive, environmentally responsible and productive.

Kingspan focus on producing only the highest quality products from our Australian factories, including Kingspan Water AQUAPLATE® made to measure steel tanks (500 - 29,000 litres) in the full range of COLORBOND® colours for residential and commercial use and Kingspan Rhino commercial and rural Bluescope ZINCALUME® steel tanks (26,000 up to 2.3 million litres), also available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours. All Kingspan Rhino tanks have a reinforced, food grade, 5-layer polyethylene liner.

Kingspan also offer wastewater solutions to effectively treat, pump and separate wastewater. The world leading BioDisc® sewage treatment plant range is one of the most technologically advanced wastewater ranges available globally. Tested and suitable for applications of up to 225 population equivalent, the BioDisc BD-BM range is suitable for a variety of applications including hospitality, leisure, government, transport and housing developments.

Kingspan Rainwater Tanks & Wastewater is a part of the Kingspan Group, a global business that has operations across a range of product divisions, including pre-insulated building panels, environmental technologies, and renewable energy technologies.

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