The Air-Cell Permifloor 500 from Kingspan Insulation won a recent challenge for the fastest installation among different underfloor insulation products.

The test involved the installation of three different insulation products in a 36m² suspended timber-framed floor; the competing products included glasswool underfloor insulation batts, foil-faced polystyrene boards and Air-Cell Permifloor 500.

While the foil-faced polystyrene boards took 83 minutes to install, the glasswool underfloor insulation batts came in second with 28 minutes; Permifloor won the race in 27 minutes.

According to Kingspan Insulation Marketing Manager, Mr Karim Muri, time is an important factor for builders and contractors; any product that offers a quick installation therefore means that the job will get done quicker, keeping up the momentum of the project.

He explains that the test basically proves that Permifloor 500 can be installed in just over three hours in a house measuring 250 square metres, while foil-faced polystyrene boards could take nine hours for the same area. Additionally, Permifloor 500 is more comfortable to install than glasswool batts as it is fibre-free and doesn’t itch.

Key features and benefits of Kingspan Air-Cell Permifloor 500 underfloor insulation include pre-cut 500mm widths for easy fit between standard timber joists at 450mm centres; minimal wastage during installation; no support accessories such as saddles required; unique perforations allowing excess moisture to drain, acting as a 2-in-1 insulation and moisture management solution; and winter performance of RT3.3 achieved.