Roofing products from Kingspan Insulated Panels were specified for the new aquatic sports centre built at the Caulfield Grammar School in St Kilda East, Victoria. Constructed in 2019, the new state-of-the-art aquatic facility represented the school’s commitment to the health of the students and the wider community.

Designed by Peddle Thorp Architects, the new Caulfield Grammar School Aquatic and Wellbeing Centre is a visionary facility that showcases innovative advances in aquatic sports technology. The $25-million project houses a 50-metre Olympic-size swimming pool with a moveable floor that can be raised and lowered to adjust the water depth to cater for different aquatic programs. Additionally, an integrated moveable boom and pop-up pool wall allows for the pool to be arranged to suit various configurations and uses.

The striking building was created to interface with the adjacent Hepworth Centre and Lindsay Thompson Sports Centre. The new aquatic centre features leading environmentally sustainable design elements to reduce the carbon footprint of the building including an advanced pool water treatment system to reduce water consumption, energy consumption and chemical treatments as well as high performance glazing and water efficient fittings.

KingZip, a standing seam aluminium roofing system from Kingspan Insulated Panels, was installed at the aquatic centre. KingZip was primarily selected for its customisability, which allowed the curved roof design on the aquatic facility. This roofing system afforded the design flexibility required in terms of complex curvature, finishes, colour and acoustics.

Installed by Barden Steel Deck Industries, the Kingspan Insulated Panels roofing system covers almost the entire building exterior.

KingZip also delivered additional benefits to the project: Its non-corrosive properties, for instance, ensure that the humid pool environment will not affect the performance and integrity of the roofing materials. The roof panels create a sealed and protected thermal and acoustic envelope, increasing the building’s ecological footprint, and achieving the sustainable design objectives.

Kingspan KS1000 RW trapezoidal roof panels were also used in the roof installation. Offering a superior system compared to conventional multi-part site assembled systems, these panels are quicker to install, require less manual labour and are designed to meet thermal building regulation compliance.