KeySure Key Controller is a key security product from KeyWatch Systems Queensland. The KeySure Key Controller is designed specifically for containing keys, safe combinations, IT passwords, Access Control cards and Fobs or anything else that requires limited access unless needed in emergencies.

The KeySure Key Controller is a simple low cost product that has many, many applications ranging from high security passwords and electronic combinations to a simple house key. The KeySure Key Controller completely removes any doubt of unauthorised use and removes any uneasiness of its trusted holder.

The only way the KeySure Key Controller can be opened is by breaking it. Because it is fully tamper evident, it becomes obvious when the container is compromised, inviting a justification or enquiry into its opening.

The KeySure Key Controller can be used for domestic applications where neighbours, friends or relatives are left with your house key during holidays providing them access in event of emergency, or, it can be used to contain a priority key or lock or safe combination to specialised rooms, containers, cabinets or equipment that requires emergency access only.

If used in multi-family buildings it could be retained by the building supervisor to retain on your behalf but with total assurance that the have for emergency access or lockouts.

The patented key control product is a key-less lock box. It is a container in the form of a security seal, to access the key; the box must be physically broken. It prevents keys from being handled, duplicated or used surreptitiously. A product for keys not accessed on a regular basis.

  • Physical accountability for a single key
  • Access control cards - holds them too
  • IT security - protects computer passwords
  • Alarm codes - holds them too
  • Inexpensive - affordable at every level of security
  • User friendly - simply put key in box and snaps shut
  • Signatures required - identifies owner / prevents transfer
  • Foolproof - only one way into key controller- breaking it
  • Portable - allows the key to roam inside a physically secured environment
  • Non-electronic - nothing to fail
  • Waterproof - usable in hostile environments
  • Prevents false accusations - creates good will
  • Surface mount - to a wall or inside a drawer
  • Peer reviewed - high ratings for effectiveness and ease of use
  • Unique system - designed specifically for keys not accessed on a regular basis
  • Ideal for residential buildings - on a scale tenants can understand
  • Tenant participation - requires tenants to sign their names on their key controller
  • Encapsulation - each key inside its own individual personalised key controller
  • Key abuse prevention - no exposed keys to abuse
  • Non-electronic - nothing to fail
  • Pays for itself - introduce a user fee to cover replacement key boxes
  • Win / win concept - protects both tenants and building service employees
  • Proven track record - 15 years of repeat business

KeyWatch Systems Queensland also specialises in KeyWatcher electronic key management systems and reusable Tamper proof Key Rings.