Modular, lightweight, aluminium trench shoring from Kennards Hire made “jail time” easier for a plumbing contractor during the laying of a new sewer line at Townsville Correctional Centre.

Axis Plumbing North Queensland built a unit that was 3m high and 1.5m wide, moving it along easily as the excavation progressed.

Area manager Martin Budai was rapt in the Trench Mate system from Kennards Garbutt, Townsville. According to him it is good where there are deep trenches and one can lift in and out with a small excavator. There are several trench sections where a bigger machine could not access.

Site supervisor Steve Awick said Trench Mate system was “fantastic” for handling. He also said that the Trench Mate system is simpler to build, lighter and easy to work with.

Trench mate system is half the weight of older shoring systems, and complies with the safety requirements of A.S.4744.1-200. Extra stocks have been introduced in Queensland and other parts of the Kennards’ branch network to meet increased demand.

Kennards has more than 90 locations across Australia.