Small, easy-to-use pipe cameras can now be hired in all parts of the Kennards Hire’s network of more than 90 locations.

The pipe cameras, which provide a fast accurate way to identify the location and nature of blockages, are suitable for use in sewer and water pipes, drains, fluelines and ductwork, from 40mm to 150mm in diameter.

The pipe cameras connect to 240V, but can also run off a supplied rechargeable battery, which comes with a charger.

The camera head, which is attached to a 20 metre flexible rod with metric markings, can be pushed around bends of up to 87 degrees.

Images are relayed back to the LCD monitor and can be saved for later transfer to a CD.

Zoran Bosnich, of Atlantic Plumbing Services, used a Kennards pipe camera to solve a pipe puzzle when stormwater overflowed into a suburban bank building.

“The stormwater pipe was full of plastic bottles which must have been thrown up on to the roof and washed into the gutter downpipe which had no protection,” he said.

“We have our own pipe camera, but it is a bigger unit and can’t get around some smaller bends.

“I have used the Kennards camera a half dozen times. It is great being so small and I love the fact it has a battery pack and I don’t need to roll out leads. It is perfect for little tight bends and small radius pipes.”