Kennards Hire has recently added trailer mounted non-destructive vacuum excavators to its comprehensive hire equipment range.  

The vacuum excavators are perfect for potholing and other small excavations involving the wet or dry remediation of soil.  

The vaccum excavators are cost effective and highly mobile, which makes them suitable for smaller projects, particularly those that require attention to detail. Small, deep, precisely-controlled holes can be dug quickly using vacuum excavators. This makes them more suitable than backhoes and larger excavators, as they can uncover buried utilities without damaging them.

The vacuum excavators come equipped with a 946 litre (250 gallons) tank that is designed to accommodate the spoil and a 378 litre (100 gallons) water tank with attached hose and wand for water jet blasting.  

Units also have a 575cfm pump and they are powered by a 25hp Kubota diesel engine with electric start and throttle.  

Grays Plumbing Services recently hired these new vacuum excavators from from Kennards Hire Girraween as they needed to enlarge a stormwater drainage pit from 600mm by 600mm to 900mm X 900mm.  

Contractor Todd Gray explained “we were able to suck out the dirt without having to get a big machine in.” Mr Gray was so impressed by the versatility and efficiency of the vacuum excavators he is considering purchasing one himself.  

The vacuum excavators are available from select Kennards Hire centres.