A powerful, trailer-mounted water blaster can be hired from Kennards Hire for cleaning areas where water is not available or is in limited supply.

The 4000psi machine is ideal for cleaning jobs on home sites where water is yet to be connected, for cleaning buildings, structures and fixtures in remote or isolated areas or for cleaning dirty machines and vehicles before they move onto public roads.

With an 800L tank and a pump that blasts water at 15L/min, the 4000psi machine will operate at full capacity for nearly an hour without needing a refill. It can be towed behind most work vehicles.

John Grier, developer of the McGraths Hill Business Park, hired one of the machines to remove foam moulding and glue residue from a4.5t precast concrete signs prior to painting. Seven signs were erected at entrances to the vast estate in the Windsor district, west of Sydney. Because they had laid on top of each other for several weeks before delivery, the moulding had compacted, proving extremely difficult to remove.

“We tried chipping it off then joined up three small hoses to a small water blaster but both measures proved frustrating,” Grier says. “The results with the trailer-mounted unit were dramatic, and we achieved more in one hour than in the previous whole day.”

Source: Building Products News.