Electric jackhammers, wallpaper steamers and floor sanders are among the equipment items most commonly hired by home renovators.

That has been the experience of Kennards Hire , which is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary.

Kennards Hire was founded in 1948, when Walter Kennard, who sold machinery in the town of Bathurst, was asked one day for the loan of a concrete mixer for a small job.

Wally, as he was known, thought for a moment and replied, “Sorry, I can’t loan it, but I will hire it to you”.

Today, the business has more than 90 general hire centres across Australia plus four specialist divisions – Kennards Lift & Shift, Kennards Concrete Care, Kennards Groundcare and Kennards Events.

Despite its growth, Kennards Hire remains fully Australian and family owned.

Andrew Kennard, who followed his father into the business, said this was rare at a time when many successful home-grown companies were being sold to overseas interests.

“Our business has thrived on high standards, a family culture and a belief that its people are its most important asset,” he said.

Andrew Kennard said the electric jackhammer had probably had a big impact when it was introduced into hire outlets.

“It meant you could break up rock or concrete without the cost and hassle of bringing in a jackhammer powered by an air compressor,” he said.

“You could transport a jackhammer home in the boot of your car, and simply plug it into a power point.”