Tension screens from Kaynemaile™ have helped transform an outdoor atrium in a busy inner-city campus into a vibrant meeting area at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Designed by architectus, and installed by Fletcher Interiors Limited and GRJ Developments, the structure features a striking floor-to-ceiling, twin layer screen from the Kaynemaile-Armour range in Ruby Red colour. Delivering advantages such as rain and wind protection, solar shading and code-compliant fall protection, Kaynemaile-Armour tension screens have been used to create a beautiful, breathable space in a previously underused area.

Kaynemaile-Armour tension screens features:

Fire resistance

Kaynemaile mesh has high dimensional stability and excellent heat resistance, achieving the highest 1S rating in the ISO 9705 room test. Kaynemaile uses UL94 V-0 at 3mm, rated self-extinguishing and suitable for high density public spaces.

Zero-waste manufacturing

Kaynemaile mesh is made from recyclable polycarbonate. With a make-to-order policy in place, Kaynemaile is able to implement zero-waste practices in their manufacturing process. Kaynemaile mesh has only 1/8th of the embodied energy compared to metal mesh.

Unlimited screen size

Kaynemaile can manufacture tension screens to any height or width requirements with no joins or distracting gaps.