Lockable folding screens from Kaynemaile™ are being used in a dual application at Shed 10, a heritage listed events space and cruise ship terminal on Auckland City’s waterfront.

Shed 10 at the Queens Wharf in Auckland features stylish security screens from Kaynemaile in Obsidian Black custom matt finish. Spacemaile folding screens complement the heritage aesthetic of the building while providing security and event screening for this multifunctional space.

Being extremely versatile in application, Spacemaile lockable folding screens can also be used to create sectioned-off spaces or moved to open up larger areas depending on the requirement.

In the Shed 10 installation, 110 metres of track complete with fork points allow 8 screens to travel to different locations.

Advantages of Spacemaile lockable folding screens:

Lightweight: Spacemaile lockable folding screens are stronger yet lighter than glass, weighing just 3kg per square metre. The lightweight design allows these screens to be used in applications where a low static load on buildings is required. The light weight of the screens also allows easy handling on site.

Unbeatable strength: Kaynemaile’s seamless polycarbonate mesh is made from high performing thermoplastic with extremely robust and impact resistant properties. The material is also thermally stable from -40°C to 120°C.

Fire resistant: Kaynemaile’s mesh has high dimensional stability and excellent heat resistance, achieving the highest 1S rating in the ISO 9705 room test. Kaynemaile uses UL94 V-0 at 3mm, rated self-extinguishing and suitable for high density public spaces.

80% airflow: Kaynemaile’s mesh allows approximately 80% airflow through the cross-sectional open area, enabling air compliant movement to be maintained in interior spaces and exterior screens.