Kaynemaile™ has reimagined two thousand-year-old chainmail into a unique architectural façade product called Kaynemaile Armour™ now specified and installed on car parks around the world. Kaynemaile Armour gives significant solar reduction combined with a wide scope for design - all while maintaining visual transparency.

One of the unique properties of Kaynemaile Armour is its solar reduction. By protecting the building from direct sunlight and not restricting the cooling effects of air movement, Kaynemaile Armour significantly reduces the total energy costs required to cool a building in hot climates.

The three-dimensional mesh structure means a high proportion of the mesh surface area is always in shade, giving a cooling effect as the air passes through the cross-sectional open area. It significantly reduces both radiant and thermal conductive heat from entering the building envelope by up to 70%. Unlike steel mesh products which act as conductive energy stores, Kaynemaile Armour mesh remains at a near ambient temperature protecting the building from heat conduction.

Made from high-grade polycarbonate (the same material used in aeroplane windshields and astronaut helmets), Kaynemaile Armour is extremely robust and impact resistant. Weighing just 3kgs per square metre means it doesn’t need the same level of structure and fixings required for metal façade equivalents.

Kaynemaile Armour was recently installed on the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast and Loma Linda University car park facade in San Bernardino, California. The hot, dry climate of both locations meant sun protection and airflow were critical requirements in the design. With a fast install time and simple fixing details Kaynemaile Armour exceeded the project requirements – providing enhanced air flow through beautiful louver-like strips.

Kaynemaile's ability to make one-piece multi-story screens makes for a fast install - cutting labour costs down significantly. The material's light weight means handling on site is quick and easy. If our standard systems don't suit a facade concept then our team of specialised designers and fabricators collaborate with our customers on the perfect solution.