KANGA Loaders have developed an advanced remote control skid steer loader specifically for hazardous and dangerous applications in building and construction projects which may otherwise subject personnel to danger. This customisable technology is applicable across a wide range of applications including tunnel and hole-clearing, waste removal, rubble carriage, around large machinery, gravel and rock handling, mesh and steel retrieval or any other potentially hazardous on-site duty during projects.

Known as the Kanga D800R, the technology minimises operator exposure to risk, particularly in the modern day workplace where occupational health and safety rules have become more stringent. Managing director of Kanga Loaders, Alan Porter says the D800R is an inexpensive solution to potential WorkCover problems and productivity issues.

The D800R is a wireless remote control loader that has high levels of ergonomic controls for a safer and more efficient working environment. It reduces industrial injuries, operator fatigue, and provides greater efficiency. Freedom of movement is another important advantage of this wireless remote-control technology. The product has been designed and built with industrial environments in mind and is being fitted out accordingly, with superior engineering and durability. At 1,000 mm high and 1,020 mm wide, the D800R is designed to withstand accidental rollover and harsh environments.

Source: Construction Contractor