Kalzip AluPlusSolar uses advanced amorphous solar cell technology to provide superior power generation performance and appearance. Thin film amorphous solar cell technology provides proven performance in a wider range of light conditions, and better performance under shaded conditions than standard mono- or multi-crystalline solar modules.

From Kalzip, it is possible to lay roof sheets to a minimum recommended pitch of 5O while using this low pitch surface to generate your buildings power requirements. 1kW can be generated using 22.5m2 of roof area, so the extent of power generation is only limited by the size of your roof.

Is there a better way of fulfilling your ESD requirements than using recycled aluminium base materials for the Kalzip aluminium standing seam roof, and combining a solar power generation system, all in one?

Kalzip AluPlusSolar is economical, comes with a 20 year performance warranty, is low maintenance, self cleaning, and virtually unbreakable.

If you already have a roof we can offer SolarClad as an alternative add on PV system. Again low profile with no bulky frames. SolarClad modules come in widths of approximately 500mm and lengths of 3 or 6m.

SolarClad modules are also ideal for window shading systems, saving on power consumption while generating power supply.