Junglefy created a completely green-filled laneway leading up to the entrance of an office tower in North Sydney.

Using green walls, green facades and green wall columns, Junglefy transformed 73 Miller Street, a busy laneway in North Sydney in the vicinity of the train station. A selection of almost 2000 plants in 19 species has been used to give life to the entrance of the office tower and the adjoining laneway, with the plants seamlessly blending nature into the urban environment and creating a destination for workers in the neighbourhood.

Greeting commuters from the busy train station, the lush green walls invite people into the busy laneway. Further along, a green facade grows from planter boxes and extends across wire mesh to create a textured green background that echoes the green walls. The lane ends at the office tower where two monolithic green wall wrapped columns provide a beautiful and welcoming entrance to the building.

Completed in 2020, the green columns and walls, paired with seating in the building’s plaza, create a peaceful space for workers to retreat into for lunch and reflection while connecting to nature in a very urban environment.

Junglefy designed and installed the green walls, columns and facade, and continues to provide ongoing maintenance to keep the plants in perfect health all year round.

Plant species:

Cissus antarctica; Strobilanthes anisophyllus; Begonia coccinea; Hedera canariensis; Plectranthus tomentosa; Neomerica gracilis; Convolvulus maurtanicus; Hedera canariensis; Blechnum gibbum ‘Silver Lady’; Nephrolepis Fluffy Ruffles; Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Chico’, Platycerium Elkhorn Staghorn; Chlorophytum Green; Chlorophytum Variegated; Peperomia obtusifolia; Phlebodium ‘Blue Star’; Plectranthus madascariensis; Philodendron Rojo Congo; Philodendron Imperial Green