Queensland based JJJ Security has come up with what it calls an inexpensive solution for an expensive problem: security system home monitoring and long term monitoring contracts.

JJJ Security says that what the larger security companies don’t always mention is that anyone can monitor their home or business themselves. So no need to pay the monthly payments for long term monitoring contracts.

JJJ Security can install a security system that phones the client and two other people the client trusts to alert movement or intrusion around their home or business.

They then simply take the appropriate action, by notifying the authorities or someone closest to the alarm at the time to assess the situation. This, argues JJJ Security, saves the client time and money.

Further, many monitoring stations charge for false alarm call outs on top of their clients’ monthly contract expenses. And, the company argues, many monitoring security companies don’t receive the alert call until their call centre in another state has answered the call and then passed it on, delaying reaction time and potentially costing the client money.

The system is supplied and installed from $520.95 (inc gst).