ASI Group delivered an elegant partition solution for the restrooms at Hayward Field, a 100-year-old track and field facility at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. As the host site for the 2021 US Olympic Trials and the 2021 Track and Field World Championships, Hayward Field was primed for a 21st century ‘reimagining’ on an epic scale.

The primary objective of the redevelopment was to transform this track and field legend into a state-of-the-art space for athletes, and provide the ultimate fan experience for spectators, with comfortable seating, unrivalled in-stadium amenities, amazing sight lines, and a sense of intimacy with the competitors built into the design.

Architecture firm SRG Partnership and Hoffman Construction Company took on the challenge to create the world’s finest track and field facility. The project began in 2017, with an ambitious construction schedule set to meet the deadline for hosting the 2021 Olympic trials. The finished structure is imposing, with a 12-storey landmark tower showcasing exhibits in its lobby, an observation deck, and a training staircase that runs directly to the top of the tower.

So that the project’s aesthetic extended to all areas of the venue including the restrooms, the design team challenged ASI Group for a solution that aligned with the arena’s sophisticated design. They wanted the restrooms to offer athletes and fans the facilities necessary to maximise their experience, with an added focus on total privacy.

Rising to the challenge, ASI delivered 144 Alpaco Classic overhead braced partitions, along with 36 urinal screens. Combining simplicity and function, ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy offers zero sightline doors and pilasters that meet in a flush finish, with routed, overlapping closures to guarantee total privacy. ASI partitions are offered in a range of standard and custom colours, with crisp design lines, bold hardware options, and superior functionality that’s perfect for high-profile settings such as Hayward Field. The self-closing feature of the Alpaco doors deliver a sleek, uniform appearance, regardless of whether the facilities are in use or not.

“Every detail in the stadium was based on providing an ultimate experience for both the athletes and spectators. Our goal for the partitions was to offer complete privacy with self-closing doors to provide a clean, finished look. ASI Group worked with our team to understand our aesthetics and performance requirements on the product and the final result is a true testament to the collaboration ASI Group provided,” said Marquesa Figueroa, SRG Partnership.

The revamped Hayward Field offers University of Oregon’s champion athletes, along with world-class athletes from around the globe, an opportunity to push their limits beyond what they thought possible.

Visitors to the reimagined Hayward Field will marvel at the attention to detail found in every aspect of the architecture and design, where the focus is always on maximising the experience for athletes and spectators alike.