Last year, the Sydney Opera House hosted Le Grand Cirque that featured acrobatics, contortionists, aerial performers and whiteknuckle stunts.

UK-based Storm Lighting was re-invited to design the lighting for the return tour, which ran this January at the Opera House.

Like the acts on stage, the lighting design makes an exuberant demonstration of its own power and presence. Elaborate costumes and reflective stage apparatus come alive in a vivid and everchanging array of colours. The design was carried out by Pete Kramer and Gavin Norris, Production Manager, Opera House.

The show was a tricky feat due to the high rig trim height and weight loading restrictions of the listed building. Fortunately, Pete had Vari-Lite luminaires in his rig. With the high trim height, the bright Vari-Lites VL3000 proved to be reliable fixtures for the show. Vari-Lite VL3000 wash luminaries are available from Jands .

Chameleon Touring Systems supplied the lighting, including 15 VL3000 spots, 15 VL2000 spots and 28 VL2500 wash luminaires.

The VL2000 spots do all of the grunt work while the VL3000 spots do all of the tricks. The VLL2500 wash luminaries supply all the colour washes. A few of the Opera House’s own VL1000 fixtures were also deployed.