A stunning facade definitely enhances the street appeal of a house. When it comes to selecting materials for your home’s facade, go bold with a mixed palette that will not only showcase your style but also reflect your home’s unique personality.

A mixed materials palette opens up scope for unlimited combinations, helping you create an eye-catching facade on your new or newly-renovated home while pushing design boundaries.

In a sea of mass-produced homes with almost-identical facades, it’s important to stand out with a striking exterior that speaks volumes about your personal style and also improves the value of your home.

During renovations, a well-designed facade using a combination of materials is the best way to lift the outdated exterior of the house. Consider adding brightly-coloured cladding to a front-facing balcony, creating stone pillars at the entryway, or changing the window trims.

Consult with a designer or builder about their expertise in the use of mixed materials. You might be surprised at some of their ideas as well as insights into working with different building materials.

5 ways to use mixed materials on your facade

1. Opt for a charming Linea weatherboard exterior and then add a stone feature wall to create a cool and trendy coastal look.

2. Use cladding cut at different angles to create a bold look, and add a splash of greenery for a contemporary facade that catches the eye.

3. If you are going for a modern look, try the easy-fit wide board style Stria cladding – it works with any design and provides a subtle shadow detail on long walls.

4. Make the facade of your home ‘pop’ using Scyon Matrix vertical or horizontal cladding panels. A dash of timber will really make an elegant statement.

5. Use darker cladding with a mix of render and timber to draw attention to your home’s exterior.