The ‘Mixed Cladding’ style is driving a new trend for contemporary home facades with this modern aesthetic extremely popular on detached houses in Australia. Described as a combination of building products including weatherboard, various cladding profiles and render among others, the Mixed Cladding trend is aesthetically challenging and can also impact budgets and timelines as it requires multiple trades to achieve the desired facade design outcomes.

EasyTex fibre cement panels from James Hardie Australia offer a single-product solution to replace multiple masonry elements, with their embedded render-look finish helping achieve the Mixed Cladding style without the need for wet trades or expensive render texture coatings.

“Making savings while ensuring quality will become increasingly important in 2020,” says Ronnie Nunez, product & strategy manager, James Hardie Australia.

“Consumers’ budgets are being impacted by rising house prices on one hand, while labour costs are also increasing on the other. As such, builders need to find new ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and still deliver high quality homes. EasyTex provides a solution that is up to 50% quicker to install than rendered brick and Autoclaved Cellular Concrete (ACC). This results in an on-the-wall cost that is also up to 45% less than rendered brick and ACC,” adds Nunez.

The Mixed Cladding look is inspired by modern design principles, which dictate simple, exact design, leaving no room for imperfections. EasyTex comes pre-primed and can be finished simply with two coats of paint. These fibre cement panels deliver a more uniform look than traditional render, are also less prone to dirt buildup and avoid cracking or lime staining problems to ensure long-term homeowner satisfaction.

EasyTex fibre cement panels are recommended for external wall cladding applications in residential detached and medium density buildings. These cladding panels can be used in home renovation projects involving upper storey additions or ground floor extensions. EasyTex panels can also provide up to 11.27m² of additional floor space over traditional masonry. 

“EasyTex is easy to use, achieves the look I want and is faster and more cost-efficient to install than traditional materials,” says Craig Milson, managing director of Orbit Homes who has used the product on a range of medium density and detached home projects.

“I can also use it in non-combustible applications, and being lightweight means, I can use it on second levels where masonry would be too heavy. It’s my go-to for any modern home,” he added.

EasyTex is available in a range of panel sizes (2440 x 1200, 3000 x 1200, 3600 x 1200 and 3000 x 1350) with a common 8.5mm thickness.