The KNX system was specified for the Chelsea townhouse project in London to meet the developer’s brief for a smart home technology that combined high functionality with simplicity.

The previous building automation systems used by the developer had never really worked for the end clients, especially the heating control, which was often cumbersome and over complicated. Having experienced functional issues on previous projects, the developer wanted to make the smart home technology as simple as possible on the Chelsea project while still providing all the functionality that was expected in a high-specification property.

Building technology specialist and integrator Mosaic was engaged by the developer to implement the building control systems.

The biggest challenge for Mosaic was to integrate all the building systems including door entry, lighting, heating, heat recovery and air conditioning in a way that future residents could operate the system without instruction or extensive support. Also needed was an expandable network and audio/video (AV) infrastructure that the occupants could use from day one, and which could be interfaced to the control system in the future. 

KNX, the perfect solution to simplify the interfaces

KNX was chosen as the technology to integrate all the electrical and mechanical systems as it allowed all the systems to work seamlessly together over the same infrastructure.

Mosaic chose products from GIRA, Theben and Zennio for the integration:

  • Two large KNX lighting control panels in the plant room and on the first floor integrated into the study joinery
  • GIRA keypads throughout with temperature control in each room
  • Zennio air conditioning interfaces at each fan coil unit
  • Basalte Auro sensors in each bathroom or W/C for motion and temperature control
  • KNX floor probes in every underfloor heating zone for added monitoring and protection
  • GIRA G1 touch screens on each floor for overall control and providing an interface for door entry communication
  • Control4 system for the audio and video aspects with full two-way integration with KNX
  • Fully managed network and Wi-Fi solution to ensure all systems have robust communication

KNX meets the brief for functionality and simplicity

Contrary to the previous systems used by the developer, the KNX system has an established, robust infrastructure that can be upgraded and adapted over time. All wall mounted hardware including thermostats, keypads and displays have a modern and simple design, which assures the homeowner simple control of the entire building while also complementing the interior design and architecture.

Additionally, the remotely accessed network and KNX infrastructure improve service and maintenance capabilities and further simplify the life of the residents.