Dalsouple Australasia  manufactures rubber floor tiles in an almost unlimited range of colour and in more than 30 textures. The Pastille Alpha (studded) rubber floor tiles have been tested to have an R10 slip rating.

MoVida restaurant in Melbourne wanted to prevent staff and customers slipping on the polished concrete in their restaurant, so they selected Dalsouple rubber floor tiles.

The charcoal grey (Fumee) colour of the rubber tiles matches the concrete floor and blends in with the rest of the décor within the restaurant. The rubber floor tiles are also made of natural rubber, DalNaturel that comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Over the next 10 years these Dalsouple tiles will have high levels of foot traffic and they are tough enough to withstand traffic at airports and railway stations and yet soft enough to be used in domestic kitchens and bathrooms.