Interpon Powder Coatings recently released Living Colors, the latest version of their colour card featuring all of their popular colours as well as a new range for the residential and general trade coaters markets.

Drawing on knowledge from their Global Aesthetics Centre, along with insights from the Australian market, Interpon has produced Living Colors to showcase their residential and industrial powder coatings collection.

Combining the previous ‘D1000’ and the ‘Coatings for Industrial Design’ colour cards, the new Living Colors colour card has several new features designed to simplify colour selection for the buyer.

According to Interpon Australasia General Manager Darin Kirkwood, the new Living Colors colour card features their most popular colours as well as a range of new colours, providing a broad colour palette for the company’s customers and their clients.

Kirkwood explained that the Color Vitality – ‘Brights’ have been included in the colour card to introduce a splash of colour to the range. With proven UV stability and high fade resistance, the Vitality range carries a 10-year warranty on coating performance when applied by an Interpon D Approved Applicator.

Some of the feature highlights in the new Living Colors colour card include ranges clearly identified as ‘Exterior’ or ‘Interior’ use to assist with selection; colour chips arranged horizontally to allow for desk or wall cart viewing; 17 new colour additions, including the popular ‘Color Vitality’ range; new icons to identify colour application; care and maintenance instructions; and fresh new images to inspire application.

Image: Interpon’s new colour card - Living Colors