Ecoustic Veneer is an Australian-made range of modular acoustic panels available from Instyle Contract Textiles, combining excellent sound absorption with a sophisticated timber veneer finish. The award-winning acoustic panels are lightweight and easy to handle, provide standout acoustic performance, and are available in 11 non-perforated and perforated FSC-certified timber veneer finishes. Ecoustic Veneer won the Best of Neocon 2016 Gold Award for Architectural Products.

The perforated panels (NRC 0.8) absorb the mid to high frequencies while the non-perforated panels (NRC 0.2) absorb lower frequencies. Interior designers can achieve the perfect balance of absorption and deflection of sound as well as tailor the acoustic performance to the demands of any given interior space by using a combination of perforated and non-perforated acoustic panels.

Highly versatile in application, Ecoustic Veneer can be installed in horizontal, vertical or angular formations on walls and ceilings. Quick installation is ensured thanks to a shiplap interlocking fixing system while the simple disassembly process allows the panels to be reused in other spaces.

Ecoustic Veneer acoustic panels can be used within a wide range of interiors from workplace and retail, to public buildings and hospitality.