Ever noticed how much thought and time we put into designing and arranging our kitchens. We plan the layout to best service our needs in the most efficient manner possible and fill it with the most time saving gadgets we can afford. With this said isn’t it funny how we never ask ourselves what is the most efficient way to manage daily food waste? Why, because most people are not aware there is an alternative to the smelly kitchen bin stashed in a cupboard under the sink. 

Imagine life without a kitchen bin to clean in and around and no more smelly rubbish bags to take out. The installation of an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer would facilitate just that as they grind nearly every kind of food waste including bones. They can be fitted into new and existing kitchens and they attach to the plumbing under the sink. This mean they never need emptying. Ground food waste is washed through the sewerage system to a waste water treatment plant for treatment. 

Before we continue we should address the big misconception perpetuated by Hollywood movies about how the food is ground. There are no blades. Small lugs act like a hammer breaking down the food and centrifugal force pushes the food against a stationary grind ring. When the ground waste is small enough it passes through the grind ring and the running water washes it into the sewerage system. The good news is the water used is less than 1% of the total household water usage which in practical terms is less than a toilet flush per day.

Think of the time saved sweeping food scraps into the sink for instant disposal of as opposed to transferring them to a kitchen bin. This also mean less food handling not to mention eliminating the odour, bacteria and insects commonly associated with kitchen bins. All this results in a more pleasant and hygienic kitchen environment. This just makes good housekeeping sense.

Finally it is important to mention food waste disposers don’t just grind fruit and vegetable scraps. Models in the Evolution Series grind practically everything organic including bones, meat, dairy, coffee beans and difficult fibrous foods. Such convenience at the push of a button.