The Multitap3N1 is an Italian-designed range of tapware that combines innovation, style and convenience to save considerable time in the kitchen.

Multitap3N1 mixer tapware comes with the added functionality of steaming hot water dispensed instantly at the turn of a lever. The mixer tap is supported by the Neotank, a 2.5-litre tank measuring 310mm high x 157mm wide x 206mm deep designed to clip to the internal wall of the cabinet under the sink.

The upgraded tank features a precise temperature control up to 98°C, which can be adjusted to suit the user’s requirements. All the heat generated in the tank is released through the tap itself.

By dispensing cool, hot and steaming hot water from a single tap, the Multitap3N1 eliminates the need for a kettle, thereby freeing up precious bench space in your kitchen. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or the water to run warm on the tap before washing up – with this innovation from InSinkErator, you can save considerable time in the kitchen.

The Multitap3N1 adds a high level of convenience to the kitchen with the availability of instant hot water for use in a broad range of applications including making tea and coffee, blanching vegetables, sanitising baby bottles, cleaning everything from greasy pots and pans to your dish sponge, or simply filling your hot water bottle before bedtime.

Key features of the Multitap3N1 instant hot water taps include choice of two colours – matt black and chrome, and three different shapes to suit diverse kitchen styles; built-in safety lock mechanism on the steaming hot water lever; and compact tank unit designed to fit under most kitchen sinks.