The Multitap 3N1 hot water tap by InSinkErator is now available in a Brushed Steel finish. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Multitap 3N1 also offers Matt Black with Chrome and Chrome as finish options.

Multitap 3N1 instant hot water taps combine style and convenience in a single package; while the three finishes ensure these taps fit into any kitchen design, the added benefit of instant filtered steaming hot water alongside the standard kitchen mixer tap takes the Multitap 3N1’s functional qualities to a new level.

The Multitap comes with a small and compact 2.5L Neotank, no bigger than a standard toaster at approximately 310mm high x 157mm wide x 206mm deep. The tank is designed to clip to the internal wall of the undersink cabinet, leaving more space for storage. The tank is designed innovatively to allow all venting to take place through the Multitap’s spout, eliminating the need for ventilation in the cabinet.

The Multitap 3N1 is an excellent addition to any kitchen thanks to its versatility and time-saving qualities.