InSinkErator invited the Complete Home team to a cooking class presented by Australia’s first MasterChef winner, Julie Goodwin.

The cooking demonstration at Julie’s Place featured the preparation of a Lebanese dish followed by a cooking session with the Complete Home team split into pairs. Julie took the opportunity to introduce the visitors to the finer aspects of Lebanese cooking as well as the useful features of InSinkErator food waste disposal systems.

Watching the cooking demonstration, the Complete Home team became aware of Julie’s mastery of cooking as well as her reliance on InSinkErator’s food waste disposal system. Julie owns two InSinkErators, one at her home and the other at work, and is a fan of the food waste disposal system.

A truly impressive piece of kitchen technology, the InSinkErator food waste disposal system is easy to clean and maintain, providing a hygienic, convenient and environmentally responsible method of getting rid of food scraps. Discreetly installed under the kitchen sink, the InSinkErator grinds up the food scraps before the waste is washed down the sewage system to a wastewater treatment plant. Treatment plants are designed to treat organic waste unlike landfill sites.

Julie explains that the InSinkErator food waste disposal system is handy for disposing off food scraps that cannot be fed to their chooks or put on the compost heap. By sending the organic waste down the sewage system, homeowners can reduce the quantity being put into landfill. Julie added that the InSinkErator is especially great for seafood scraps as they prevent the bins from smelling.

The Evolution Series is InSinkErator’s latest range of food waste disposal systems and includes near-silent premium models that can grind almost every type of food, including small bones, meat, fish heads, peelings, eggshells and nuts.

With InSinkErator’s food waste disposers, there is no need to transfer food scraps from the point of preparation to the bin for disposal, or empty waste bins with decomposing food in them, creating a more hygienic kitchen environment.